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A Pocketful Of Promises...Sandy's Aftermath V by Trippy4U A Pocketful Of Promises...Sandy's Aftermath V by Trippy4U
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A Pocketful of Promises is a small photo essay in the wake of Hurricane Sandy months after the media moved on to the next "big story". My intention is only to keep it in the public's consciousness as long as there are still hundreds of families who feel forgotten by our government. As the nation celebrated the Presidential Inaugural, at a cost of over $120,000,000,...people along the coastline are still without the barest necessities of modern living. Essentials such as electrical power, running water, heating, food and decent places to live have been denied to these people because FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has still to release the funds direly needed to help them to begin to rebuild their shattered lives. So as I watch the President and his Washington cronies on the TV chowing down mouthfuls of $3000 a plate dinners at the Inaugural Ball, I couldn't help but think of the kind of "blast" Sandy's victims were having in contrast.

Footnote: The flood waters reached a height in this area to about where the woman is standing on the steps. You could literally row a boat up to your front door.
The "debris" on the sidewalk is the water damaged property of basement tenants and home owner's garages.
Congress approved a $50.5 billion Sandy Package on Monday. Not a nickel of it has yet to reach these people 91 days, and counting, after Sandy hit land.
President Obama said, "He’ll quickly sign the emergency relief measure as soon as it hits his desk."
Hmm, as soon as it hits his desk...sounds like a loophole to me. I hope not...Sandy's victims are at their wits end.

The Mavericks - Things I Cannot Change
In a world where nothing ever stays the same
I am left with only things I cannot change
You're gone away
And left me things I cannot change

Song [link] Lyrics [link]

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January 30, 2013
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